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Kre Alkalyn Creatine Benefits

Since 1993 when Creatine was made available publically it has continued to grow in demand and is today the most widely used muscle gaining supplement in the world. The problem is that the manufacturers of all the many different types of creatine that you can get knew that it did not work.

There have been countless tests done on the many different variations of creatine available and it was found that many of them were actually completely useless offering no increase in the creatine available in your blood. Using the latest technology they started testing and found that not only was creatine turned into the toxic by-product creatinine but more than 60% of the creatine was destroyed by stomach acid.

But it got worse than that as they tested these same creatine supplements after activation with fluid and a disturbing discovery was made. It was found that almost immediately after adding water to creatine monohydrate that the majority of it rapidly converted to the toxic by-product creatinine. This held true no matter how "unique" the formulation was claimed to be, or the purity of its assayed dry creatine content.

There were some companies that were producing creatine that pointed to the virtual lack of creatinine in their powders, calling them "creatinine free". What was not considered is that the tests were conducted with dry creatine monohydrate. Once fluid was introduced, creatinine conversion occurred, without fail.

But this information was not new and most creatine users simply increased their dosages in order to get more creatine. But this obviously resulted in more side effects that are produced by too much creatine supplementation. Researches in creatine were always determined to find a solution to this problem.

It was Jeff Golini and the Bioceutical Research team who found the answer to the toxic conversion of creatine monohydrate. After two years of research they filed a U.S. Patent application for the successful and novel method of keeping creatine monohydrate stable and completely free of toxic conversion.

So the problem was finally solved with the launch of this new patent process which finally solved the main problem with all existing creatine supplements which is the inability to deliver concentrated amounts of creatine without toxic conversion.

The Best Kre Alkalyn Creatine Supplement

Pumped Extreme

Pumped Extreme Kre Alkalyn Creatine supplement is the only 100% bioavailable creatine supplement with 100% absorption and zero toxic conversion. It's like "creatine on steroids" because it also contains anabolic boosters that support amazing workouts and wicked pumps!

Each 3 cap serving contains:

  • Kre-Alkalyn 1400 mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 50 mg
  • L-Taurine 600 mg
  • Vanadyl Sulfate 20 mg
So stop gagging down suposed "high-tech" sugar filled creatine drinks, and just take 3 of these bad boys a day and see what Creatine really can do for your strength and muscle size!

Pumped Extreme Kre-Alkalyn Supplement 90 Capsules only $39.95 Plus $8.00 S&H

And in addition, you'll get our FREE "Muscle Volumizing Course" the secrets for obtaining maximum muscle size!

For Orders In The USA

Pumped Extreme $46.95
2 Bottles Pumped Extreme $87.00
3 Bottles Pumped Extreme $127.00

For Orders Outside The USA

Pumped Extreme $56.95
2 Bottles Pumped Extreme $97.00
3 Bottles Pumped Extreme $137.00

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