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14 Day Weight Loss Program Benefits

Going on a 14 day weight-loss program is not only potentially very confusing but statistically you have got a 95% chance that you will gain all of the weight that you lost within the first year. You need a strategy that has proven itself to work on not go on a fad diet hopping to get permanent results.

The only way that you are going to get permanent results is to not start a “diet” and do not call your lifestyle change a weight-loss program because that defeats the purpose. You need to be specific when going on a diet or a ‘change of eating habits’ and that is to focus on the problem, which is fat and not weight.

You need to lose fat and starting with a 14 day program is a good idea to kick-start a change of lifestyle. You could tighten it up for 14 days and then lose more fat at any time you choose after that.

Carbs are the key to effective and quick fat-loss which equals weight-loss. You could do some carb cycling to help you bust through adaptation by manipulating your metabolism at any time you choose once you have the basic strategy all set up. Setting up an effective 14 fat-loss program one still has no choice but to look at the key to any weight management which is the speed of your metabolism.

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and the current speed of your metabolism are completely different as your digestion should be speeded up during the daylight hours when you are eating and moving. Ideally your metabolism should be constantly on the go busy processing complex carbohydrates.

It all starts with the digestion of carbohydrates which are the preferred source of energy in the body. It is only when glycogen stores are low from reducing carbohydrates or creating an energy deficit through exercise (or both), will your body find and use excess fat for fuel.

Any good 14 diet is going to ask you to try and eat smaller meals but more often. The objective of speeding up your metabolism is a key element and fast and permanent fat-loss. Your body cannot use fat unless you have the correct hormone production and that means eating healthy, no starvation diets.

The benefits can and should be something you can feel and touch meaning the reduction in your waistline, which will show on the doctor’s health report in ten years’ time. The less fat you carry the healthier your heart is going to be and you look better for it too.

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