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How To Improve Your Health

There are many different definitions on health and what health actually is. The WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Whatever your own personal definition on health might be it must be related to diet and exercise.

Health can also be used as an adjective describing someone just like it could be used to describe someone's lack of health. The point is that the general definition of health is something that can be specifically quantified. Below is an example of this as you see 8 basic steps that should be included in a healthy lifestyle.

1. Fix your posture. It will help your body work more efficiently, keep your muscles properly aligned, relieve aches and pains, and help you look 5 pounds slimmer. Pull those shoulders back and sit/stand up straight!

2. Plan a workout. Scheduling time for your workout will make you much more likely to succeed at actually doing the workout. You may not be able to fit in a workout for another few hours, but at the very least, put that workout on your calendar.

3. Do a plank. A full body exercise that can challenge you anywhere. Regardless, find a clean spot and start planking. What do you know? It can help with that posture, too.

4. Eat some produce. You know fruits and vegetables are good for you. Simply eating a serving (or two or five) will help you feel refreshed and healthier. Fit some into your next meal.

5. Drink some water. Nature’s cleanser. We're meant to drink it. Often. Just do it with 8 glasses a day minimum.

6. Go for a walk. It doesn't have to be an hour long session, but simply getting up and moving around regularly throughout your day has been linked to better overall health. Instead of sitting in your desk chair all day, take a few 5-10 minute walking breaks sporadically. Head out around the neighborhood when you get home. Basically, every bit of movement adds up. Move more. Even little bits at a time.

7. Pop a vitamin. While vitamins never take place of a solid, nutritious diet, many of us can all use a little help with a multi-vitamin. They even make them chewable now.

8. Stretch. Regularly stretch out stiff muscles through the day. Take 10 minutes after that planned workout. Similar to posture, stretching will keep your body working optimally...which means, you're feeling good.

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