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Exercise Supplements for Beginners

There is often a temptation for beginners who are starting bodybuilding or an exercise program to simply buy the "magic pill". If you are one of these people you should rather concentrate on building a foundation of good nutrition with the knowledge that there is no magic bullet.

Your muscles grow in size because you are getting stronger and the reason that you get stronger is because your muscles can repair correctly. The reason that your muscles are able to fully recuperate from your intense workouts is because they are getting good nutrition.

Nutrition and good eating habits are the backbone of every well-built man who can show his muscles. Your muscles need good quality protein in order to get fully recuperated from a hard and intense workout. Your protein choices are simple as a beginner and whey protein is highly recommended.

Whey protein is an excellent supplement for beginners. What makes whey protein special is that it digests so quickly in the body. If you eat chicken, for example, after your workout, your body will not get the benefit of the protein and amino acids for several hours.

Since your muscles are damaged and struggling to find amino acids, the raw materials for rebuilding, the faster they get protein, the faster they will recover. Take 30 to 50gm of whey protein immediately after your workout.

Another option is Casein protein which besides whey protein that makes up milk and it digests very slowly. The benefit of this slow release is that it provides amino acids to muscles for hours. This is particularly beneficial while you are sleeping, when your body is in a fasted state.

Taking casein protein before bed supplies your muscles with all the raw materials they need to recover while you sleep. In fact, adding some casein to your post-workout shake can give you better results than taking whey protein alone. Try 50 percent whey and 50 percent casein protein after your workout, totaling 30 to 50gm of protein. Take 30 to 40gm of casein before bed.

Without carbs you will not be able to exercise, so let's explain it like this. It is easy to make the connection between amino acids and protein and muscle growth because muscles are made of protein. However, muscles also store a carbohydrate known as glycogen and water.

In fact, muscles are more than 75 percent water. Carbohydrates powders provide fast-digesting carbs for replacing lost glycogen and spiking the delivery hormone known as insulin to drive nutrients into muscle cells. Waxy maize is a high molecular weight starch that empties very quickly from the gut into the bloodstream, where it can support muscle growth. Take 40 to 100gm of waxy maize immediately after your workout.

Fats are another widely misunderstood macro-nutrient and many trainees avoid them like a plague. However, certain fats support muscle growth and fat burning. MCT oil, or medium-chain triglycerides, comes from coconuts and palm oil and primarily burn as energy in the body.

Your body simply cannot produce testosterone without the correct amount and quality of fat in your diet. Taking in more of these healthy fats helps to naturally elevate muscle building testosterone. Take 1 or 2 tbsp. of MCT oil before and after workouts to receive the benefits of this supplement.

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