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Personality Type Diet Plan Review

The Personality Diet information

  • Proven Weight Loss Method.
  • Discover your eating, exercise, and coping personality.
  • Lose 10 lbs every 5 weeks.
  • MD certified by Dr. Kushner.
  • Dr. Kushner has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America and in USA Today.

How the Personality Diet Works

The Personality Diet is unique for each individual and is devised by taking a personality diet test.  Once you find your Diet Personality you will be matched with customized diet strategies.  These include eating strategies, exercise strategies and coping/emotional strategies.  These will be determined by your:

Eating habits: Are you a night-time nibbler, a meal skipper, etc.
Exercise habits: How and how much do you exercise? 
Emotional habits: Are you a procrastinator, an over-reaching achiever, etc. 

By finding out what your eating, exercising and copying/emotional personality is, this weight loss program will give you the key to healthy, safe and permanent weight loss success.

When you first start the Personality Diet program you will take a Diet Personality test.  Once completed you will receive a 17 page report and a personalized weight loss plan.  This will give you a complete description of your diet personality and a weight loss plan designed to beat your specific diet pitfalls.  

This is the same diet plan Dr. Kushner has been using to treat thousands of overweight patients and that is currently being used at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Wellness Institute. 

The Personality Diet Plan

Meal Plans: Customized to match your eating personality and lifestyle.

Expert Coaching: Weight loss coaching by Dr. Kushner and other experts.

Groups: Support group in your area or online.

Message Boards: Find and Share Diet Resources.

Weight Loss Tracker: Stay focused by recording your food intake, activities and outcomes.

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