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Low Sugar Diet Plan Review

The low sugar Diet information

  • Avoid empty calories
  • Increase the nutritional value of your diet
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Control cravings for sweets
  • Keep your energy high

about the low sugar diet

Blood sugar has a powerful effect on our health, our appetite and our ability to lose weight.  Regulating blood sugar level is the most effective way to induce fat burning.  To lose weight and keep energy high, blood sugar levels need to be stabilized.  If sugar levels experience wide swings, our mood, energy and memory will suffer.  Too much sugar and refined carbohydrates drains our metabolism's energy.

So if you suffer from sugar highs and lows, uncontrollable cravings, shakes and dizzy spells, you may need to choose a Low Sugar Diet.

low sugar diet menu

Breakfast: Cereal with milk & walnuts, toast with jelly & fruit

Lunch: Chicken rolls in mushroom sauce, rice pilaf & fruit & salad

Dinner: Grilled marinated steak with broccoli cheese potato & fruit

Snack: Whole-wheat pretzels with club soda

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