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Energy Boosters: How Do They Work and How Do They Benefit You?

It is natural to feel tired and quick thinking business moguls were sure to exploit this with the very popular, energy booster. These ‘Energy Boosters’ promise the nullification of fatigue and improved performance but in reality there is much biological manipulation both inhibited by natural and manufactured products. Such uncertainty asks the questions:

·        How do ‘Energy Boosters’ work?

·        What benefits do ‘Energy Boosters’ have for you?

While there are some health purists who have never indulged in such delicate behaviour, most of the people reading this right now have indulged in an energy drink. The commercialisation of athletic performance has coincided with interest in optimising physical performance. Due to this, ‘Energy Boosters’ have a billion dollar industry that is still growing. Some companies have expanded upon their product as a motif for enhanced performance such as Red Bull and the X games. The industry has not time to stop, so you will have to get used to the promotion and eventuality of new but more healthier energy booster products.

Energy Boosters have become one of the fastest categories of supplement and while people may have trust in the brand do they know and trust the ingredients that give you energy. If they were not condensed into a package with a complimentary colour palette and exhilarating promotional campaign, they may be inhibiting a landfill. I am a personal trainer and I am very strict with what I intake. All of my Level 2 and 3 modules have taught me the correct procedures when working towards a functional body. Therefore, I believe it is best for me and you to understand the affects of the substances included in energy boosters and how they can benefit you.

The body is known to produce energy in three ways. The anagram, ATP helps easily explain the body’s methods of producing energy. The body’s main source of energy is a molecule known as ‘adenosine triphosphate’, while most of this is not actually stored in the body. Instead the body has three different ways of using and releasing ATP. These functions release ATP in three different ways that vary in intensity and effects. However, there are inhibitors within energy boosters that access these methods and eventual effects.  These include:

Coenzyme Q10 – This enzyme is found in mitochondria, the molecule that stores energy reserves in our cells. The enzyme improves the exercise capacity of people with rare diseases. In other cases the affects are not clear but a recent because European studies suggest that people with fatigue problems can benefit from the inclusion of Coenzyme Q10 in their diet. The research is stark in contrast to other fields but you can be sure to battle tiredness with a energy booster that includes Coenzyme Q10.

Ephedra – Ephedra is a chemical compound that was banned by the FDA in 2006 after a increased number of heart attacks and strokes. However, is it still available on the internet for purchase. There is no recommended amount of Ephedra to take because it stimulates your central nervous system and stimulates your heart rate and blood pressure. This is why so many users have experienced strokes and heart attacks. Many people opt for a healthier and much safer alternative such as a cup of coffee or cold shower. 

Ginseng – Ginseng is a herb and because of this it is considered to be a relatively safe alternative to other energy boosting properties. It is also highly recommended because it reduces fatigue while enhancing someone’s stamina and endurance. Also, because it contains no sugar properties it does not pick up the user and drop them back down in what is commonly known as a crash. While it is natural and regarded as a reliable source of energy many scientists have published conflicting dichotomy’s regarding Ginseng. Some scientific studies conclude that it improves mood, energy levels and physical performance. Alternatively, other researches conclude that Ginseng hinders the rate at which someone intakes their oxygen as well as recovery periods. It is best for you to prioritise the differing aspects of your workouts and use the herb that most positively benefits you.

Creatine – Creatine is found in muscles but it is also widely sold as a supplement. The affects of creatine include the formation of muscle mass and improved athletic performance. It is most effective for short excursions of energy such as hypertrophy exercises and 100m sprints. However, there is not evidence that it will reduce fatigue for anyone.

Vitamin B12 – Medical professionals have been known to use B12 as a subversion of fatigue. This is because it is has energy boosting properties. The vitamin has to be consumed properly. Food products such as:

>      Soy

>      Milk

>      Red Meat

>      Salmon

These products all contain B12. By consuming them you will re-stock your energy levels while consuming a safe and healthy variable.

In conclusion, all of these supplements have the same initial effect. That is why they are called energy boosters. However, each have different short term and long term affects on the body. Therefore, you should concern yourself with maintain your energy by changing what is in your control. You can change your diet to enhance your energy. You can also regulate your body clock by ensuring you have 8 hours of sleep a night. Either way we all need energy but make sure to regulate it so you don’t have to turn to –un-natural and potentially damaging sources of energy.

This article was written by Christopher Simon who is  a personal trainer for Origym.

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