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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review
The Best Bodybuilding Diet

  • The Burn the Fat Diet is the same system fitness models and bodybuilders use.

  • Lose stubborn last 10-20 lbs.

  • Lose body fat without damaging your metabolism.

  • Lose fat without drugs or supplements.

  • How to burn through any fat loss plateau.

  • Eat 50% more calories without storing any fat.

  • Discover your body type and how to eat right for your body type.

how the bodybuilding diet plan works

The Burn the Fat Diet was written by professional bodybuilder,  personal trainer and nutritionist Tom Venuto.  His program is designed for those who want to lose body fat and also want to build strength naturally.  

This diet is based on a simple yet effective principle.  If you eat more of the foods that burn fat, you will increase your metabolism and therefore burn more fat and calories.  The Bodybuilding Diet teaches you what foods to eat to accelerate your body's ability to burn fat, while not losing energy and muscle. 

The Bodybuilding Diet has a high success rate because it is a personalized weight loss program.  Since every person's body differs and works differently, one unique diet plan cannot work for everyone.  The Burn the Fat Diet addresses that by determining your own ideal Macronutrient Ratio based on your body type, Basal Metabolic Rate, tolerance to carbohydrates and activity level.  (See next section for more on this)

The Burn the fat Diet Plan

The Burn the Fat Diet does not severely restrict your eating and your calorie intake.  In fact doing that can lead to damage to your metabolism.  Instead you will customize what and how much you are eating by finding your ideal Macronutrient Ratio.  Macronutrients are Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fat.  So your unique weight loss ratio might look something like this: 40% Proteins, 30% Carbohydrates and 30% Fat.  Your correct Macronutrient Ratio will be determined by your:

Body Type: Endomorph, Ectomorph, or Mesomorph

Basal Metabolic Rate: The amount of "maintenance" calories your body requires daily.

Tolerance to Carbohydrates

Activity Level

This may sound complicated, but the author Tom Venuto explains it really well and makes it easy to understand and follow.

Bodybuilding diet review

We quite like this weight loss program because it focuses on your health.  Burn the Fat is designed to match each individual's body needs and preferences, making it much easier to overcome diet plateaus and other potential set backs.

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