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Natural Remedy For Anxiety Relief

By Dr. Jonathan V. Wright

If you've been more anxious than you'd like to be, there are helpful diet changes, vitamins, minerals, and herbs that can help relieve anxiety.

Diet changes necessary to help relieve anxiety include elimination of all refined sugar and refined carbohydrate, alcohol, and caffeine. Anxiety is sometimes caused by and often aggravated by unstable blood sugar and insulin concentrations. Eating refined sugar and refined carbohydrate makes blood sugar and insulin much less stable, contributing to symptoms of anxiety. To normalize sugar and insulin concentrations, it's necessary to eliminate all refined sugar and refined carbohydrate from the diet. Please check with your natural food store for alternatives.

Alcohol also contributes to unstable blood sugar and insulin, and 'strips' the body of many of the nutrients needed especially by the nervous system. To reduce anxiety, reduce or eliminate alcohol, too.

Many anxious individuals are unusually susceptible to even small amounts of caffeine. To reduce anxiety as much as possible, it's best to eliminate all sources of caffeine, including not just coffee, but also black and green tea, "cola" drinks, and chocolate.

Niacinamide, one of two forms of vitamin B3, is often a major help in controlling anxiety symptoms. As it's possible to take enough niacinamide to cause unwanted effects, it's best to use niacinamide only when working with a health care professional knowledgeable and skilled in natural and nutritional therapies. I usually recommend 500 to 1000 milligrams of niacinamide, not niacin, three times daily depending on the seventy of the symptoms, and always recommend stopping should any nausea or queasiness occur.

If you're not already using a B-complex combination, you might look for one with at least 50 milligrams of each of the major B vitamin, and take it as least three times daily. B-complex can be used on it's own, and is also necessary as a "backup" to individual B-vitamins such as niacinamide.

Calcium and magnesium can both be helpful in reducing anxiety symptoms. I usually recommend lifting 1000 milligrams calcium and 500 milligrams magnesium taken at bedtime, as these minerals also help to promote sleep.

Vitamin B12, 1000 micrograms taken once or twice weekly by injection can be uniquely useful for calming the symptoms of anxiety. The older we are, the more likely it is to help, mostly because of decreasing efficiency of absorption with age. Injectable vitamin B12 should always be accompanied by folic acid.

Several herbal remedies can substantially reduce anxiety symptoms, but each one doesn't work in every case. It's usually necessary to simply "try and see". However, there are almost no unwanted effects, so it's definitely worth a try. The herbs include panax ginseng, ashwaganda, valerian, and hypericum, also called St. John's Wort.

Panax ginseng is a mainstay of Chinese herbal medicine. It has dozens of documented uses. Reduction of stress-related anxiety is one. I usually recommend 150 milligrams of a standardized extract three times daily.

Ashwaganda is an herbal used in Ayurvedic medicine in much the same way as panax ginseng is used in Chinese medicine. To help reduce anxiety, I usually recommend 500 milligrams, three times daily.

Valerian not only helps reduce symptoms of anxiety, but also has been found effective in reducing insomnia. I usually recommend 300 milligrams daily of a standardized valerian extract.

Hypericum can reduce symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and also depression. I usually recommend 125 milligrams of hypericum extract twice daily.

None of the herbal remedies start to relieve anxiety right away, but effects are usually noticeable after several weeks.

Because of differences in age, sex, metabolism, or potential allergy, these diet and supplement therapies may not be suitable for you. Consult a health care professional skilled in nutritional and natural therapies. To locate one near you, you might call the American College of Advancement in Medicine at 800-532-3688 or the American Association of Naturopathic

Editors Note: I cured my anxiety using the techniques in the book Dianetics, and it has not come back even after 15 years. For more information on go to


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