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A Self-Help Guide For Natural Remedies

Menopause Relief Natural Treatment

Menopause, also referred to as "the change of life," is the point at which women stop ovulating. The menopausal period affects each woman differently. Some start early, some start and stop, but most experience the change around the age of fifty. menopause usually lasts up to five years. Although estrogen levels drop during the postmenopausal period, the hormone does not disappear. Other organs take over in the productions of estrogen and other hormones. The organs known as endocrine glands secrete hormones to maintain proper bodily functions.
    The symptoms of hot flashes, dizziness, headache, difficult breathing, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and depression may be caused by an estrogen deficiency. IF one is hypoglycemic, the symptoms are often more pronounced. Stress puts a burden on the adrenal glands, causing them to overwork. Therefore, the adrenals produce smaller amounts of the hormones pause. The hypothalamus is the area of the brain that regulates the heat-producing mechanism of the body. Hot flashes can be the result of widespread blood vessel dilatation.
    To control severe symptoms in menopause, use the smallest possible dose of estrogen every other day. Estrogen combined with progesterone reduces the risk of uterine cancer. Estrogens may cause fluid retention and may increase the severity of asthma, heart disorders, kidney stones, epilepsy, or migraine headaches. Estrogens are important, but there is a risk in their use.

Menopause Supplements
Very Important
Enzymes with hydrochloric acid (HCI) Take with meals Aids digestion
Lecithin 1 capsule or 1 tbsp. before meals Important as an emulsifier for vitamin E.
Primrose oil or black currant oil As directed on label Acts as a sedative and diuretic. Good for hot flashes. Important for production of estrogen.
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and pantothenic acid (B5) 50 mg 3 times daily
100 mg 3 times daily
B6 minimizes water retention and eases symptoms.
B5 is a powerful stress vitamin needed for adrenal function.
Vitamin E 400-1,600 IU daily Increase slowly until hot slashes cease
and magnesium chelate
2,000 mg daily
1,000 mg daily
Relieves nervousness and irritability. Chelate form is the most effective.
Germanium 60 mg twice daily Aids in relieving discomfort. Makes oxygen more available to tissues.
L-Arginine and
L-lysine (amino acids)
500 mg twice daily.
500 mg daily on an empty stomach
Detoxifies the liver and ammonia.
Aids liver function.
Multiglandular As directed on label. For hormonal stability. (See GLANDULAR THERAPY in Part Three)
Multivitamin and mineral complex Take with meals Needed in normal hormone production and function.
Potassium 99 mg daily Important in severe hot flashes and heavy perspiring.
Selenium 200 mcg daily An important trace mineral linked to normal hormonal balance
Vitamin B complex 100 mg 3 times daily The B vitamins, especially B5 and b6, are very important in this stage of life. Injections have reduced hot flashes and have produced dramatic results in nervous disorders.
Vitamin C 3,000-10,000 mg daily For hot flashes


Free Weekly Diet and Fitness Tips Newsletter
full of useful information, exercise tips, diet tips
and inspiration for us all, join today!
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