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A Self-Help Guide For Natural Remedies

Natural Bronchitis Treatment


Bronchitis is the inflammation or obstruction of the bronchi or breathing tubes that lead to the lungs. The inflammation is followed by incessant coughing due to the irritation present, a build-up of mucus, fever, back and chest pain, sore throat, and difficulty breathing. Acute bronchitis typically follows upper respiratory tract infections such as influenza and often leads to pneumonia. Chronic bronchitis results from frequent irritation of the lungs, but it is not an infection. Allergies may be the cause of chronic bronchitis. In addition, as the space in the lung available for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide diminishes, the heart has to work harder to keep an adequate volume of blood. This can lead to heart disease.
Smoking and acute upper respiratory infections are often associated with bronchial infections. If bacteria are the cause, antibiotics should be prescribed; however, cough suppressants should not be used in the treatment. A chest x-ray should be taken to rule out lung cancer.
A new type of bronchitis, probably viral in origin, has targeted many women. It is very difficult to treat, often lasting three weeks to five months. Antibiotics may help, especially Doryx.

Vitamin C
plus daily
3,000-10,000 mg in divided doses. A buffered powdered form is best. Combine with vitamin E.
Very Important    
Beta-carotene 15,000 IU daily. Needed to protect the lung
DMG (Gluconic from DaVinci Labs) tablet under the tongue twice daily. A powerful oxygen carrier.
Protoolytic enzymes Take between meals. Helps reduce inflammation.
Vitamin A capsules 20,000 IU twice daily for 1 month,dropping to 15,000 IU. For healing of tissue and protection of all tissues.
Vitamin E 400 IU and up twice daily, combined with vitamin C. Powerful free radical scavenger. Needed for healing of tissues and improved breathing.
(wheatgrass) or
fresh green
3 times daily as directed on label. Kyo-Green is good.
Garlic tablets (Kyolic) 2 tablets with meals. Kyolic is odorless. A natural antibiotic that reduces infection and detoxifies the body.
Multimineral formula plus zinc 50 mg daily. All nutrients are needed for healing, especially zinc.
Calcium chelate
or asporotate
1,000 mg daily.

500 mg daily.
Necessary for healing.
Coenzyme Q10 60 mg daily. For increased circulation and improved breathing.
L-Arginine (amino acid) Take 2 a at bedtime with small amount Of L-lysine. To prevent an imbalance. Aids in liver detoxification. Needed for protein synthesis to aid in healing. Depresses elevated ammonia.
L-Cysteine . (amino acid) 500 mg twice daily Protects and Preserves the cells and contains needed sulfur.
L-Ornithine (amino acid) 500 mg twice daily on an empty stomach for adults only.Take amino acids in juice-not with milk or a protein drink- because amino acids compete for
entry through the gastrointestinal tract.
Warning: Not for children. Promotes and detoxifies ammonia.
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) from Biotec Foods Follow label directions. improves healing and is an excellent antioxidant.
Vitamin B complex 100 mg 3 times daily. Activates many enzymes needed for healing.

Note: Take all amino acids on an empty stomach with a small amount oil vitamins C and Be for better assimilation.


Bronc-Ease from Nature's Herbs is an excellent herbal formula. It relieves congestion, coughing, and irritation. Also use black radish extract or dry herbs, chickweed, coltsfoot, echinacea tea (daily), eucalyptus, fenugreek, ginger, Iceland moss, mullein, myrrh, pau d'arco tea (daily), slippery elm bark, and wheatgrass capsules from New Moon Extracts. Inhaling the vapors of the eucalyptus leaves helps to relieve respiratory problems. Iceland moss is good for mucous congestion.


Add moisture to the air. Drink plenty of fluids.

For those who have chronic bronchitis, cigarette smoke-even as a passive smoker-is very harmful. Little can be done unless the irritating substances that cause the mucus to clog the air passages are eliminated. Cigarette smoke is a common irritant.

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