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Anti Aging Information and Tips

Years can be added to life when changes are made in lifestyle. The most important changes are in the areas of diet and exercise. Diet is important because there are many nutrients that can slow the aging process. As we age, our bodies do not assimilate nutrients as they once did. As a result, higher amounts of these essential nutrients are needed. See below for a list of these nutrients.

Many of the elderly have malabsorption problems; the nutrients in food are not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. If you follow the suggestions below and still do not feel a positive change in your energy level, see COLITIS, DIVERTICULITIS, and MALABSORPTION SYNDROME .

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
SOD/CAT from Biotec Foods
Use as directed on label. Take intravenously or dissolve under the tongue under doctor's supervision. A potent antioxidant that destroys free radicals, which damage body cells.
Very Important    
Calcium asporate
or chelate and magnesium
and vitaminD
1,500 mg daily
750 mg daily.
600-1,000 mg daily.
Necessary to prevent bone loss and for normal heart function.
Coenzyme Q10 100mg Aids circulation; improves cellular oxygenation.
DMG (Gluconic from DaVinci Labs) Use as directed. Dissolve under tongue Improves cellular oxygenation.
L-Methionine, L-carnitine,L-cysteine, and tyrosine (amino acids) 500 mg each twice daily on an empty sotmach See Amino Acids in Part one on the benefits of the amino acids.
Lecithin 1 tbsp. with meals or
4-6 capsules daily
Improves brain function and memory. Protects nervous system cells
Mega-multivitamin with trace
chelated minerals including vitamin A
Nutri-Cell and
25,000 IU Daily

15,000 IU Daily

200 mcg Daily.

As directed on label

Each is needed for the immune system. Also important antioxidants.
Protein Supplement (free form amino acids) 1/4 tsp. under tongue on
empty stomach, 3 times daily.
A small amount of vitamins B6 and C helps assimilation.
The free form amino acids are more easily assimilated. Studies have shown that most of the elderly are protein deficient.
RNA-DNA Use as directed on label. Do not use if you have elevated serum uric acid because you may have gout. Good for reproduction of healthy cells.
Vitamin C plus bioflavonoids 4,000-10,000 mg daily in divided doses. A powerful antioxidant and immune system enhancer.
Vitamin E Start with 200 IU daily and slowly increase to 800 IU daily. Studies reveal that vitamin E slows down the aging process (see Vitamins in Part one on the many benefits of vitamin E).
Brewer's yeast Start with 1/2 tsp. and work up. A natural source of the B vitamins.
Germanium 60 mg twice daily. A powerful antioxidant and immune system enhancer.
Lactobacillus bulgaricus
(Bulgaricum I.B. from Natren)
Use as directed on label. Improves liver function and aids in digestion.
Multidigestive enzymes (with meals) After meals as directed on label. If you have ulcers, avoid those brands containing HCI. Most elderly lack sufficient amounts of HCI.
Raw Thymus glandular 500 mg. daily. Stimulates the immune system.
Unsaturated fatty acids
(evening primrose oil or salmon oil)
2 capsules with meals Plays an important role in cell formation.
Vitamin B complex with extra
choline, ionositol, PABA and
Pathogenic acid (B6)
125-250 mg daily. Divide the
B vitamins throughout the day
in capsule form. Do not use hard susteined-released pills.
Injections are best. The elderly have a difficult time assimilating the B vitamins. High amounts are needed for best bodily and brain function.




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